5 Topics to Get You Started with Blogging for Your Business

5 Topics to Get You Started with Blogging for Your Business

REGARDLESS of your industry or niche, a blog can work wonders for you. It keeps the content fresh on your website which improves engagement, shows your expertise, and boosts your Google rankings.

If this is you: “I know I *should* have a blog on my website… but what do I write about?” 

Here are some potential blogging topics to get started with:

1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Recycle common questions that customers ask you into quick & easy posts that you can reference later.

2. News & Announcements 

If you’re offering a new product or service, have a new employee, are hosting an upcoming event, or something else exciting, share the details (and photos) in a post.

3. Tips & Tutorials

Offer free educational resources to your customers to build trust up front, and show off your knowledge.

4. Industry Insights

Talk about trends specific to your industry, review or compare other companies in your space, or share some helpful advice.

5. Add Some Personality 

If it fits within the goals of your website and business, share some personal stories, travels, and glimpses into your real life

    Need more blog post ideas and topics? Check out 121 Blog Ideas and Topics to Write About by SEM Rush.

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