How to Rename Your Files in Bulk (Using Mac’s Finder)

How to Rename Your Files in Bulk (Using Mac’s Finder)

First, select all of the files that you want to rename.

Just click & drag to select the files, or use ⌘+click to manually select multiple files.

Next, decide how you want to rename your files using one of these methods:

Method 1: Completely rename your files.
This replaces your entire file name and adds a number to each one.

This method gives all of your files the same name, and automatically numbers them for you.

You can even go back later if you add more files, and the number will start where you left off!

Method 2: Adding text to your existing file names.
Add a common tag or project name to all of your files quickly and easily.

If you don’t want to completely rename your files, you can simply add a prefix or suffix to your file names.

I personally use this method for saving my web files separately from my full size files.

Method 3: Find & replace text within your file names.
I replaced the text and added an underscore (_) at the same time!

You can also easily find & replace specific text in your file names.

A great example would be when downloading photos from your phone or camera, you can change the standard file name “IMG_4892.jpg” to something fun like “EuroTrip_4892.jpg”!


Sheer bliss.

Enjoy your nicely organized files!

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