5 FREE Tools to Set Up Your Business For Worldwide Success

5 FREE Tools to Set Up Your Business For Worldwide Success

Below are five tools I use daily to keep my (mostly) online business up and running smoothly, and accessible worldwide!

1. Wise

  • Easily send or receive money in 40 different currencies (USD, EURO, GBP, etc)
  • Available in 160 countries
  • Spend your funds, or cash them at an ATM, using a Wise debit card with no markups or transaction fees

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2. World Time Buddy

  • Quickly convert times across multiple time zones and countries
  • Search by time zone or city / location
  • Create a custom link to send to friends or colleagues to coordinate meeting times
  • Embed it as a widget on your website for easy reference
  • Download the World Time Buddy app on your phone for quick access

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3. Zoom

Okay, this one is obvious—but VERY important if you want to be able to conduct meetings across the world.

The free version of Zoom includes:

  • Up to 40 minutes per meeting
  • 100 Attendees per meeting
  • Other tools such as: Whiteboard Basic, Team Chat, Mail & Calendar, Clips Basic, and Notes

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4. Calendly

The free version of Calendly includes:

  • Allow users to select meetings on their preferred day and time zone—no back and forth trying to compare schedules
  • Sync your existing calendar (Google, Microsoft 365, Outlook, iCloud, etc)
  • Integrates with Zoom to automatically create meeting links
  • Automate event notifications for all participants
  • Embed Calendly on your website

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5. GTranslate WordPress Plugin

GTranslate will translate your website and make it multilingual. It will help you to increase international traffic, reach a global audience and explore new markets.

In the bottom right of this page, you can test it out for yourself!

The free version of GTranslate includes:

  • ALL languages
  • Automatic translation
  • Unlimited words and pageviews
  • Customize sizing and placement of the widget

It’s worth considering the paid version too: GTranslate hosts the translated versions of your website on their cloud network under a language specific domain. In that case, every language will have a separate domain and be indexed in search engines, which will help you to increase international traffic and sales.

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