Dogwood Design

Updating your design portfolio doesn’t have to be scary

About This Project

Rachel Hogue of Dogwood Design wanted a way to truly showcase her work and breadth of skills—outside of quick snippets shared on Instagram and Dribbble.


Rachel and her team have a great portfolio, so they made my job easy. There was a great sense of stress surrounding updating their portfolio (understandably), so I simplified that process as much as possible, and trained their team on how to use the new case study layouts.


Tools + Integrations

Google Docs

Adobe XD



Yoast SEO

Google Site Kit


The Process

Rachel and I (or Rachel²) started by compiling her project details into Google Drive folders—including: case study copy, mockups and photography, as well as a full sitemap and content outline.


Once we got those mostly settled, we dove in to Adobe XD to lay out the site in wireframe form (see below). This helped us to communicate visually, and nail down final content before diving into the website development.

It's a system!

I created a robust, responsive grid system for showcasing Dogwood’s case studies. Each case study page has a similar layout and content, but can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of each individual project.



Text content:

  • Project title, services list, awards, and description section
  • Client testimonial quote section
  • Deliverables list section
  • Credits list section

Visual content:

  • Project featured image (full-width) section
  • Parallax image (full-width) section
  • Single image (boxed) sectio
  • 2-column images (boxed and full-width) section
  • 3-column images (boxed and full-width) section
  • 4-column images (boxed and full-width) section
  • Client logo section
  • Youtube video embed section

All of the above are saved as re-useable templates within Elementor for the Dogwood team to plug and play with ease.

Website Sitemap

“This is going to be so helpful for us to start growing. When you don’t have a website, you just do a bunch of random things and you don’t niche down your aesthetic, and this new site forces us to do that. It’s good to be held accountable.”
—Rachel Hogue, Dogwood Design