Boost Division

Designing a shopping experience and portfolio full of beauty and horsepower

About This Project

At the time, Boost Division was a new business so we were starting everything from scratch. We set our sights high with a very robust custom e-commerce site that also featured a detailed portfolio of their builds, a blog, staff bios, and more. B.D. has since been bought out by a larger company, so I think we did our job. 😉


This was a collaborative project with Blacktop and the Boost Division team.


Built Not Bought

As a car enthusiast myself, this is one of my favorite projects of all time. For obvious reasons. My love for cars (and building them) allowed me to see things from the customer’s perspective and provide some interesting insights. I also thought a lot about what I would want to show off as the person who is having their build highlighted on the site.



I had the pleasure of designing unique layouts for their portfolio a.k.a. their “garage”. For each of their builds, we wanted to emphasize their quality of work, information about the car itself, and the brands that were used…and make people a tad bit jealous.

Website Sitemap

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! They took my vision and absolutely exceeded all my expectations and delivered a product better than I had expected. I am an OCD individual with very high expectations and I’m sure I gave them more work than the typical customer, but they impressed me with every step of the process. As a business owner, your company website is the first thing that a customer experiences and it makes a lasting impression. It was very important to me that they knock this site out of the park and that they did!”
—Michael Kessler, Boost Division