Vivid Bridge Studios

Personality meets professionalism

About This Project

To capture all of the personalities and skills of the Vivid Bridge team within a single website was no easy task. Especially while making sure that they are known as credible, trustworthy professionals. But at their core, they’re just a bunch of goofballs…who get shit done. Who WOULDN’T want to work with them?!


This project was a -very- collaborative effort with Vivid Bridge, Blacktop, and 3125 Communications.


Tools + Integrations

Adobe XD

Google Docs




Truly Custom Design

This is one of the largest sites I’ve worked on—lots of pages, and LOTS of content…and we designed custom layouts for every single piece.


Their site is a one stop shop for anything a potential client could ever want to know about them—who they are, their process, their work, their expertise, and any possible FAQ they might have.


All of their content is easily accessible, link-able, and share-able via their own website. When a someone asks them a question, or needs a tutorial or reference—a quick “Here’s a link” will do the job. This every agency owner’s dream, come true.

Beyond Web Development

In addition to the site itself, I designed:

  • branded thumbnails for social sharing
  • branded browser icon and favicon
  • branded icons and animations
  • branded pop-up widgets
  • branded shapes and patterns

I also provided moodboards and inspiration for the Vivid Bridge team’s photography and videography shoots—which they took, made it their own, and absolutely knocked out of the park.

Website Sitemap

Kind words from strangers 🙂

The Vivid Bridge team held a livestream to announce and walkthrough their new site, and also featured a site-wide scavenger hunt to engage users and get feedback on the new site.