Top 4 Design Components of a Website

Top 4 Design Components of a Website

Designing a website can seem a bit daunting, but it’s not so bad if you break it into lil bite-sized design chunks!

1. A robust color palette.

Try using a minimum of three colors, with two tints and two shades for each color.

2. A strong type hierarchy.

Limit yourself to 2-3 different typefaces.

3. A cohesive icon set.

Ensuring all icons have the same style. In this case: outlined, rounded edges, and the same stroke weight.

4. Complementary button styles.

Now, combine your color palette, typography, and icons to create buttons that match!

Putting them all together:

💟 Bonus points: add in some graphics, illustrations, photography, or videography for increased brand flair! 🪄

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